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It is very important to get advice from a specialist when it comes to security systems.

Berg Sicherheitstechnik have been retail security and video monitoring system specialists for more than 25 years. The Berg Group serves satisfied customers in all major German cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and Munich – as well as in neighbouring European countries. Well-known companies in the retail and fashion sectors rely on our professional service.

Retail security systems

Retail security systems

Berg Sicherheitstechnik can offer you a wide range of retail security systems customised to meet the needs of the retail trade.

Before you purchase a retail security system, you must decide on which type of retail security system that you want, as they differ and the actual difference depends on your local conditions. You will find our pages covering acousto-magnetic, radio frequency and electro-magnetic technologies here. You will also find the appropriate retail security labels and the units for deactivating these retail security labels on the accessories page.

We will harmonically optimise your retail security system to work with your other store devices once you have decided on which system you want and you will always be supported by our service department if any problems arise later on.

You will find more detailed information covering our products and accessories on our page:

Video surveillance, video monitoring, retail security systems

Video monitoring

Video monitoring systems are becoming more and more important for store security due to the increasing crime rate.

Berg Sicherheitstechnik has been providing video monitoring systems for monitoring and securing sales areas for a few decades now. We will support you with the most up-to-date monitoring technology and careful choice of the correct monitoring cameras, software, recording and video analysing technology when it comes to potential break-ins and shoplifting.

Retail security systems

People counting

Berg Sicherheitstechnik co-operates with crosscan GmbH in the visitor frequency recording and route determination sectors. crosscan GmbH, is one of the major global providers of people counting systems and they are a very strong partner to have at our side and this means that we can undertake projects for recording the visitor flow in retail outlets, route determination on the sales floors and the waiting times (queue monitoring) right up to market research projects. Do take a look at: with regard to this.

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